How long is a reset password link valid ?

When a user receives an email with a link to reset his password, the link is valid for 24 hours.

My account is locked. Why ? What can I do ?

If you try to login 5 times with a wrong password your account get locked.

Your account will automatically be unlocked after 15 minutes of inactivity. This means you have to stop retrying, because the 15 minutes are measured relative to the last login attempt.

How do I share a file during a session (PDF, picture, video)

Method 1: Upload a file

1. Click on “Send Media file” (top)
2. The file is uploaded and automatically appears on the other person’s screen

Method 2: Share a file from your media Library

1. Click on “Picture, Video and Document Library” (left)
2. Navigate between the “Photos”, “Videos” or “Documents” tabs (left)
3. Select a file Click on “Send”
4. The file automatically appears on the other person’s screen

How do I record a session ?

1. Click on “Record the Call” (on chat bar below left) to start recording
2. Click on “Stop Recording” to end the recording
3. After a few moments the video will appear in your chat history and will be saved in your Media Library
4. To download the recorded video, select it from the Media Library/Videos select the video and click “Download”

How do I consult the history and statistics of my sessions

1. Click on the “Insigths” button (bottom left)
2. Click the call history button (on top bar) and then the call from the displayed list to see call details
3. Click the business graphics button (on top bar) to view utilization statistics


How do I annotate during a session

1. Click the “Annotate” button in right bottom corner
2. Choose a color and drawing tool
3. Place your annotation