I click the link in the sms and acccept access to microphone and camera, the ‘Waiting for acceptance of Video Connection Request…’ status is showing and nothing else happens

There are several reasons why this might happen. It usually indicates an issue to start the video stream.
The list below contains known issues but as Operating Systems and browsers evolve, this might not apply to your case. 

If this issue occurs, use our bug reporting tool.
Read how to use it :


Known causes 

  • Your browser is not supported (see List of supported browsers ) 
  • Your browser is too old 
  • Your browser does not support Web Video Streaming (WebRTC) 
  • You try to open the link on iOS in a browser other than Safari 
  • Your firewall blocks access to our streaming server 
  • Any other (temporary) network related issue 
  • The cached version of our site is corrupted 
  • The remote Support Giver did not answer your call 
  • The microphone or camera is in use by another application 



  • Retry to open the link. 
  • On iOS, make sure that you only use Safari, as the other browsers don’t support Web Video Streaming. 
  • On Android, try with Chrome as that browser should give the best experience.  If the issues still occur with Chrome, try using Firefox. 
  • Make sure that you installed the latest updates for your device. 
  • Contact an expert to check the firewall
  • Clear your browser cache:


    • Open the Settings App and scroll down to open the Safari menu
    • Scroll to the bottom and open the Advanced menu followed by theWebsite Data menu.  
    • Locate the supportsquare.io website andswipe to the left.  Press the Delete button. 


Android – Chrome 

    • Select the   button in Chrome 
    • Select Settings 
    • Scroll down and select Site Settings 
    • Select All sites 
    • Select‘https://<company_name>.passerelle.supportsquare.io’ 
    • Press Clear & reset button 

Android – Samsung Internet 

    • Select the  button in Samsung Internet 
    • Select Settings 
    • Scroll down and select Sites and downloads 
    • Select Manage website data 
    • Delete entries starting with‘https://<company_name>.passerelle.supportsquare.io’

Android – Firefox 

Unfortunately you can’t clear data for a specific site in Firefox for Android
You can however clear overall private data 

    • Select the  button in Firefox 
    • Select Settings 
    • Select Clear private data 
    • Check the items you want to delete and press CLEAR DATA 


If none of the above solutions fixes the issue then please send an email to support@supportsquare.io describing your issue and add a screenshot to it.