When I click the link in the sms invitation, I get an error ‘Access denied to video’

The error I get is : Access denied to video. Please unblock camera’

The message will usually b
e displayed on modern devices, but older devices might not show the message at all.  In both cases you will not see your camera feed. 

Some mobile devices have by default the camera disabled for web browsers or the user could have blocked or disabled camera  in the settings.   




  • Open the Settings App  
  • Scroll down to open the Safari menu 
  • Scroll down and select the SETTINGS FOR WEBSITES topic 
  • Select Camera 
  • Change the setting to Ask or Allow 


Android – Chrome

  • Select the  button  
  • Select Settings 
  • Scroll down and select Site Settings 
  • Select Camera 
  • Toggle to ‘Ask first before allowing sites to use you camera’ 

Below the toggle button there’s also a link to Android Settings to let Chrome access your camera. 

  • Select the Android Settings link 
  • Scroll down and select Permissions 
  • Make sure Camera is enabled 


Android – Samsung Internet

  • Open Android Settings 
  • Scroll down and select Apps  
  • Search for and select Samsung Internet 
  • Scroll down and select Permissions 
  • Make sure Camera is enabled 
  • If you still get a ‘Access denied to video’ message, do the following: 
  • Select the  button in Samsung Internet 
  • Select Settings 
  • Scroll down and select Sites and downloads 
  • Select Manage website data 
  • Delete entries starting with ‘https://<company_name>.passerelle.supportsquare.io’ 
  • Refresh the page, login and – if all went well – the browser should now ask for camera and microphone permissions again -> select Allow 


Android – Firefox

When you start a call and camera sharing hasn’t been permitted yet, you should get a popup with ‘Would you like to share your camera with .passerelle.supportsquare.io? 

If not:  

  • Open Android Settings 
  • Scroll down and select Apps  
  • Search for and select Firefox 
  • Scroll down and select Permissions 
  • Make sure Camera is enabled