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Bridging the visual communication gap with instant expert knowledge, anywhere

​ The virtual connection allows experts to feel like they are right there with the customer when there is a complex job to complete. This solution is the next best thing to being on-site on the production floor.

Features & Benefits

Increased Efficiency

Quickly diagnose and troubleshoot problems, reducing the amount of time spent on-site. This can help to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Improved Collaboration

Collaborate with colleagues in different locations, allowing them to share information and work together more effectively

Enhanced Customer Service

Provide customers with a more personalized experience by providing real-time support and advice from a distance. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost savings

Save businesses money by eliminating the need for costly on-site visits and travel expenses.

Increased Safety

Avoid having to travel to potentially hazardous sites or work in dangerous conditions. This can help to reduce the risk of injury or illness for technicians and customers alike.

Improved access to knowledge

Allow customers to get help from experts without having to be physically present. Passerelle Coach can also be used to provide training and education for employees or customers, allowing them to learn new skills or gain a better understanding of a product or service.

Live annotations

Guide the on site technician by real time typing and drawing

Media Library

Use pictures of on site situations, and videos of recorded flows of actions for evalutions or training

Call invitation

Start a support session by sending a link  via email or sms to the remote user

Intelligent Routing

Avoid forwarding of support requests by directly connecting the right expert

Supported devices

Make use of different kind of devices to communicate: tablet, smart glasses, smartphone


Detailed activity logging of communication sessions for analysis, billing, reporting 


Secure login with your own credentials, 2FA support  & integration with existing backend systems


Create visual proof of work and/or educational material  


ISO Certification

Achieving ISO 27001 confirms our ISMS is aligned with international information security best practices and we have the right processes and procedures in place to handle a wide range of information assets.