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Bridging visual communication gap with AR for instant access to expert knowledge, anywhere.

Passerelle Coach maximizes uptime, boosts professional growth and efficiency while caring about carbon footprint.

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Reduce support costs

Help your customer in real-time remotely, reduce machine downtime and costs considerably.

Improve customers satisfaction

Use our software to drive down the number of interactions and calls to solve customer’s technical problems.

Access useful support insights

Use recorded call information (start/end time, originator, site of the caller) for analysis, performance review, billing

Invite others

Add new users through an easy onboarding procedure by sending email or sms invitation to the user

Take care of your workforce

Raise your technician’s job satisfaction by
supporting them in a modern, smart way.

Minimize training period

Get your personel fast and easy on the job
with our easy, intuitive software.


Live annotations

Guide the on site technician by real time typing and drawing

Media Library

Use pictures of on site situations, and videos of recorded flows of actions for evalutions or training

Call invitation

Start a support session by sending a link  via email or sms to the remote user

Supported devices

Make use of different kind of devices to communicate : tablet, smart glasses, smartphone, …


Detailed activity logging of communication sessions for analysis, billing, reporting …


Secure login with your own credentials & integration with existing backend system

Location Services

Determine the exact location of you field engineer in 1 click

Intelligent Routing

Avoid forwarding of support requests by directly connecting the right expert

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